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VW Sedric School Shuttle

VW Wants to Make the School Bus the Cool Bus

VW Rolls Out Sedric Autonomous School Shuttle

David Royse | LedeTree

Volkswagen rolled out its Sedric self-driving concept vehicle last year, but at this year’s Geneva Auto Show, VW showed up with a slightly modified version and a suggested new use – getting the cool kids to school.

It’s not clear how much interest there’d actually be in big city school systems for replacing buses (and their drivers, who also double as monitors making sure kids aren’t being too unsafe) with small driverless shuttles, but VW is throwing out the idea – and hoping its design will appeal to kids.

They’ve even painted the model yellow to make sure you know the intent.

The Sedric school “bus” design only seats four, so calling it a bus is a stretch, but VW says it is “an ideal means of transport for the youngest generation.”

VW Sedric

VW is marketing it as way for kids to get to school that might be seen as a little bit more “cool” than the traditional bus. It even has the words school bus crossed out on the front and replaced by “cool bus.” Style is, apparently, important to the company.

“This driving experience can also be enjoyed without a driving license and the striking paintwork finished in yellow and black with stylised graffiti provides a clear indication that SEDRIC presents a pioneering alternative to the conventional school bus,” the company says in its marketing material. “The youthful look of the vehicle continues in the interior. Aluminium boxes decorated with stickers form the basis for two of the four seats.”

Oh, and screens! What kid these days wants to ride anywhere if he or she can’t look at a screen?

“The front windscreen designed as a large-format OLED screen provides onboard entertainment tailored to specific target groups,” VW says. “This will make the journey time to and from school seem shorter for the younger generation.”

Sedric, by the way, is an acronym for SElf DRIving Car.

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