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Uber’s hosting its flying taxi-focused Elevate Summit for a second year

Uber will talk about flying taxis, autonomous aerial transport and everything in between, in an industry event designed to bring together stakeholders on the subject in one place.

Darrell Etherington | TechCrunch

This is the second year in a row that Uber has hosted its ‘Elevate Summit,’ and this year it’s in LA. The event will feature a ton of speakers working on making aerial personal urban transit a thing, including a whole host of folks (there seem to be a lot more focused on the subject internally than I remember).

So far, the entire program consists of Uber internal folks, including ex-NASA engineer Mark Moore and its related policy lead Justin Erlich. Plus, there’s a fireside chat with Dara Khosrowshahi, so we’ll hear about Uber’s perspective on urban short-hop flight from the top all the way down.

Uber’s probably also going to have a host of academics and external aircraft experts on hand, and the subject is gaining steam industry-wide, so it could end up being one of the more interesting agendas of the year in terms of tech conferences.

The summit is May 8-9 in L.A.


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