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Hurricane Maria Damage Puerto Rico

The Lede, Trying to Reason With Hurricane Season

The Lede, Wednesday, May 30, 2018
By David Royse

Trying to Reason With Hurricane Season

Hurricane season starts at the end of this week (Tropical Storm Alberto notwithstanding). But as people in the Southeast and Caribbean prepare for a few months of keeping one eye on The Weather Channel, today’s big story is about last year’s Hurricane Maria.

A new Harvard report published in the New England Journal of Medicine finds that it’s likely the total death count in Puerto Rico from the storm last year was more than 4,000, based on interviewing people on the island about who was killed. Not a typo. Hurricane Katrina, often thought of as the modern bellwether for hurricane devastation, killed about 1,800.

It’s still an estimate, and still imprecise, but the takeaway from the new NEJM study:

This household-based survey suggests that the number of excess deaths related to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico is more than 70 times the official estimate.”

More from the Washington Post
And the Miami Herald

No Good Reason For This

BTW, about 13,000 people in Puerto Rico still don’t have power

One Puerto Rican town is looking to the sun for keeping the power on when the next storm comes. More from ABC News


Ebola outbreak in Africa starts jockeying to test experimental drugs. More from Stat


Start-up has app intended to match those fleeing hurricanes or other disasters with people willing to provide a place for them to stay. Harmany

Sports Betting Startups
Want Your Money. Bloomberg

Michael Eisner
Is bullish on sports streaming. “If a team in the third division in English football is being streamed to 166 countries,” Eisner said, “the world is changing.” SportTechie

American Giant Founder Bayard Winthrop
Takes cold showers, eats the same thing, and goes phone-free for a couple hours in the evening. Inc.

Fertility tracking bracelet maker raises $30M. TechCrunch


LedeTree will be at the Cannabis World Congress and Expo this week in New York, taking a look at some of the companies trying to make it in this emerging industry that is quickly booming as more and more states make it legal.

In New York, medical marijuana is legal, but use of cannabis by anyone (which let’s face it, from an economic standpoint is the Holy Grail for sellers) is still illegal. And in the nation’s largest city, it’s in a murky place, with the local prosecutor saying his office won’t prosecute small possession cases, and the mayor having recently directed police to overhaul its enforcement rules (a plan that’s still being worked out.)

The state legislature in New York has 13 working days left in its session, so it looks unlikely that the state will make any substantive changes to the law here, despite lots of talk. Lawmakers are awaiting a report from the state Department of Health on the issue – and are looking for whether it will endorse or advise against the legalization of non-medical marijuana.

Check out our coverage of the New York cannabis industry, and the conference about the industry as a whole.


A six pack ring that won’t kill marine life – they can eat it.  Nola.com

Quick Biz and Finance News Roundup

World Markets: were jolted by some stuff going on in Italy yesterday. Bloomberg

Trump: moving to protect U.S. intellectual property by punishing China with investment restrictions, World Trade Organization litigation and tariffs on $50 billion worth of Chinese goods. Politico

Theater: Hamilton, Springsteen make for a big year on Broadway. NYT


Dudes who made money on crypto are new stars of Wall Street. What?? Bloomberg

Have a good Wednesday


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David Royse
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