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The Lede, May 22 – Facebook Again, in Europe

The Lede, Tuesday, May 22, 2018
By David Royse

Sign of a changing world: The Wall Street Journal reports today that The New York Stock Exchange is about to name its first female leader in its 226-year history, Stacey Cunningham. Currently the NYSE’s chief operating officer, Cunningham will become the exchange’s 67th president.

Face Time, Again

Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook testifies today before the European Parliament.

CNN outlines what that’s likely to be like. Takeaway – the Europeans care more about privacy than we do.

More regulation could be coming for Facebook in Europe. The Street

Trends in a changing world:

On-Demand, Portability and Choice are what matters in the new world of media

From Axios’ Sara Fischer:
At the heart of the on-demand economy is a user that wants choice. 

  • Customers today want to pay for the content they like and nothing else. As a result, they are dropping expensive cable packages with hundreds of channels they don’t consume for “skinny bundles” with core channels that are much cheaper.


Swedes Have a Different Way of Charging Electric Cars

The Swedes have to do everything just a little different, don’t they? While most of us will be plugging in our electric cars overnight in a few years, some engineers in Sweden are building a “slot track” that can charge your car from below while you drive it.  The system isn’t aimed at replacing plug-in charging actually, just making sure cars don’t run out of juice on the highway.

“If the design is a success, the government plans to extend it to other public highways. It estimates it can roll out the technology to 12,000 miles of roadway for about $765,000 per mile.”

More from Green Car Reports



COULD LEUKEMIA BE PREVENTED? A British researcher’s new theory says early childhood infections may be the cause of leukemia. The Independent.


The maker of the Zero1 football helmet, is partnering with the U.S. Army to research ways to reduce head injuries in the military. AP

Won’t get Consumer Reports’ recommendation on the Model 3 . Green Car Reports.

Is becoming more of a platform business and less of a hardware business. Axios

Is shifting its focus to content, as evidenced by purchase of stake in EMI Music. Hollywood Reporter.

Will delay the launch of a GPS satellite at the behest of the Air Force, which wants additional checks on the rocket. The Hill


Kaiser Permanente 
Is investing $200 million in effort to reduce homelessness. Modern Healthcare

Fla Company Building Heavily Recycled Homes for Workers

“We are being a little cautious, but our goal is to be 100 percent recycled with everything.” Naples Daily News

Have a good Tuesday

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