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The Lede: Hyper Activity: What’s up with Hyperloop?

The Lede, Wednesday, August 8, 2018
By David Royse

As I prepare to do later today one of the things I like least – a slog through a big airport paying baggage fees I don’t want to pay, followed by a long security line, followed by a couple hours in an uncomfortable seat, followed by an Uber ride through heavy traffic, I’m reading this morning about alternative travel methods of the hopefully near future. 

Checking in on Hyperloops

Virgin Hyperloop One is one of the companies trying to build systems that will shoot us all to our destinations in pods hurtling through tubes – kind of like a subway car going through an underground tube, but the tubes could be above-ground and the pods will go much, much faster. Virgin is in the news this week because it announced it is building a component testing facility in southern Spain – which is an indication that the plans for this new transportation system are still on the rails.

The Follow:
More hyperloop news:

One of the more interesting items in hyperloop news in the last week or so (and yeah, we’re at a point in the development in this technology where there are multiple interesting developments in the space pretty much every week) was a story that first appeared in the Silicon Valley Business Journal about the possibility that Apple could underwrite construction of a hyperloop in northern California. The mayor of Cupertino – where Apple is based – noted that the city council has backed away from a planned tax proposal to fund new transit projects, with the intriguing comment that there might be private money available to do it, if it’s a hyperloop project.

More from Inverse

Now, there’s a new hyperloop company, this one in Canada. The company is Transpod. It’s mission statement: “Our vision is a world in which people, cities, and businesses are connected with affordable and sustainable ultra high-speed transportation.” 

It’s in the news too. It’s filing an application in France to build a nearly two mile test track. It would be near Limoges, in central France, – the 21-million-euro project was heavily lobbied for by local officials. More from Phys.org

Emerging Industries News:


Chew on this: a name once considered the biggest name in the chewing gum business is now associated with cannabis. LedeTree

A major court ruling in Florida on cannabis, with a local judge tossing out some of the restrictions in the state’s medical marijuana law. Florida Politics

Science News

Are oysters key to fighting Florida’s Red Tide outbreak? Bradenton Herald

Notes From the Age of Disruption

Wants to partner with banks to provide users with account management tools and other products on its messaging platform Facebook Messenger. Adweek

Is having problems with its solar roof tile business, too. Engadget

Is worth way mo. Business Insider


Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo
Sept. 26-29, Los Angeles

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David Royse
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