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The Lede, Getting Smarter About Guns

The Lede, Friday, March 23, 2018
By David Royse

Loaded, but Locked

After the Feb. 14 Parkland shooting I wrote here that while we may not all agree on how society should treat guns generally, we should at least consider ways to prevent school shootings and lessen their impact while we continue to debate the larger issue.

As thousands of young people prepare to march for solutions for gun violence, Mark Wallace has a piece in Fast Company that follows up on the notion of coming up with technological solutions to gun violence. The story looks at ideas for blunting gun violence from some young entrepreneurs, including biometrically secured smart guns and trigger locks.

READ the story in Fast Company

One of the young entrepreneurs is Kai Kloepfer. Here’s his Ted Talk on smart guns.

Meanwhile, I’ve been seeing a lot of ads on TV recently for this company, Patriot One Technologies.

The Canadian company claims its near microwave field radar can discreetly screen everyone entering a certain area . If you walk through its radar field and you’re carrying a gun or a knife or a bomb, security will know it. You could screen everyone entering a workplace, or a school. You could screen everyone within shooting range of a high profile event, such as an outdoor conference, or a speech by a high profile figure. You could screen everyone who is standing, say, near the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

And, for those who bemoan the inconvenience of ever-present security, it can be done without people having to go through medical detectors or be wanded. It could actually speed up some security checkpoints we already endure, such as the metal detector lines at stadiums.

In light of this spooky New York Times story that showed how the Las Vegas shooter was easily able to carry several guns into his hotel over a several day period without anybody noticing (and with the help of bellhops), this company’s technology, if it works, is even more interesting. This scenario may have been detected had the hotel had a working system like this.

The Follow
Stopping Bullets 

Students who have been pushing for changes to gun laws will march tomorrow in the March for Our Lives. Organizers say more than a million people total are expected to participate in marches. There are more than 800 such marches planned around the world.

Stopping Bullies

And while we’re thinking of ways to make schools safer, a lawmaker in Pennsylvania has an idea to reduce bullying in schools. Charge parents. If your kid is a jerk, it could cost you several hundred dollars, under a bill proposed in the Pennsylvania legislature.


Has patented a system for having delivery drones recognize your arm waving gestures. LedeTree

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Atlantic Sapphire
Is building the world’s largest salmon farm. In Florida.  Miami Herald

Wants to sell you a pickle juice slushee. LedeTree

Elon Musk
Is over Facebook. NYTimes


“What’s Facebook?” Elon Musk on Twitter after being asked whether he might delete his account.


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