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The Lede, Don’t Forget the Motor City

The Lede, Monday, April 30, 2018
By David Royse

Is Detroit Back?

Detroit is no longer under the control of the state of Michigan. The city was released from state oversight today, and it’s just the latest good news in a series of stories that hint that the Motor City – once the nation’s fifth largest city and one of it’s industrial powerhouses – is in the midst of big rebound.

Detroit was, in part, built by car companies. At least one of them may have a big part of rebuilding it. The reason – Ford needs the space for its growing autonomous and electric vehicle programs.

The biggest symbol of crumbling Detroit is the old Michigan Central Railway station and office tower in the Corktown neighborhood. Ford is in talks to buy the old station, and others around it in Corktown.

Dancin’ In the Street

“We are excited about our return to Detroit this year with our electric vehicle and autonomous vehicle teams relocating to the Factory in Corktown,” Dawn Booker, a spokeswoman for Ford Land Development Corp., the real estate arm for Ford Motor Co., said in a statement.

More on that from Automotive News

Detroit SkylineThe comeback has been like a steady Motown drumbeat, with a story seemingly every week about some new development going up in the city. Just today, coincidentally, the Detroit Free Press’ lead story isn’t about regaining control from state oversight – it’s about three new buildings being planned. Where once they were boarding up and tearing down, it seems everytime I look at the Detroit news now, it’s all about new building.

The New York Times also noticed this, and today has this photo essay: Detroit Was Crumbling. How It is Reviving.
Get Ready, Cause Here They Come

Here’s the side B of this new Motown Record: Reverse Suburban Flight. As Detroit undergoes a revival, there are big questions about what’s going to happen to its suburbs, as companies, get this, are LEAVING the Detroit burbs to move back downtown. More on that from CityLab


One more feel-good story about something happening in Detroit. It’s about basketball. And it’s not about the Pistons.

It’s a small Catholic school girls team.


The T-Mobile-Sprint merger is about keeping up with the Chinese on 5G. New York Times

The grace period is ending for marijuana shops in California. They need to pay for a license now. LA Times


DP World
Is putting its name on a cargo-carrying hyperloop project. AP

Didi Chuxing
China’s version of Uber says it has entered a pact with more than 30 car companies to develop cheap, electrified vehicles for new mobility in China. The goal is to have 1 million electric vehicles in Didi’s network by 2020 and 10 million by 2028.Automotive News

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