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The Lede, By David Royse – The Workforce Issue

The Lede, Wednesday, May 2, 2018
By David Royse

Hey Generation Z, Good to Have You Join Us. Get to work.

The Workforce Issue

There are 61 million “kids” in “Generation Z” about to enter the workforce. They value good work experiences, but also may be more savvy about montetary considerations. They want to be socially connected with everyone. They are digital natives – don’t remember life without smartphones, really.

More from CNBC on what they will mean to the workforce.

I reported here last week on a talk by Tulsa Mayor G.T. Bynum that the kids in their late teens now do have an interest in the world, and in social change – though they may not be as engaged in traditional political institutions as previous generations. Young people entering college in the last couple of years are more likely than ever to say they have a strong interest in helping others.

For those of us in a much earlier letter of the alphabet generation (what are we, like, Generation O? P?):

An interesting workforce retraining story from Ohio:

“Glen Miller sits in the second row of his Horticulture 101 class, listening as his professor gives a lecture on plant biology. At 61, Miller took a buyout from his former employer—a telecommunications company—and decided instead of retiring, he’d enroll in a training program for a second career. A career in cannabis…..

“In September, Ohio will join 28 other states with comprehensive medical marijuana programs. The program has taken two years to get up and running, and still faces some challenges, but a group of educators in the state is working to make sure a trained workforce isn’t one of them.”

The full story from WOSU Public Radio


The economic pull of big cities is hard to compete with for some employers in smaller cities and towns – but they still need good, trained workers. As Americans have moved away from rural areas and smaller towns to the bigger cities, it’s left a need to bring in new ones or bring some back to fill jobs that need to be done. So cities from North Platte, Nebraska to Hamilton, Ohio and Marne, Iowa are offering incentives.  Wall Street Journal


And in a case of the old order fighting back against change, a court in California has issued a ruling that could be a huge hit to businesses like Uber and Lyft in the gig economy.

From the Christian Science Monitor:

“The unanimous ruling Monday in a case involving package delivery drivers adopted a broad definition for those who qualify as employees in a lawsuit likely to expand the number of workers eligible for minimum wage, rest breaks, and other benefits under state wage laws.”

The take from Wired: Ruling Threatens the Gig Economy


The Washington Post takes a look at Oculus Go, proclaims it the first VR “gadget” you might actually buy. WaPo

Here’s what Facebook Launched at F8. From TechCrunch

What is this Telegram app that Russia and Iran want to ban? NY Times


The Florida Department of Health has released a proposed rule outlining an application process for potential operators in what could be one of the nation’s largest cannabis markets. News Service of Fla

Local officials in Sacramento have approved a permit to allow marijuana consumption at this weekend’s Cannabis Cup Festival, including at a Lauryn Hill concert. Sac Bee

Seems like everybody wants to sell cannabis in tiny Montebello, California. Californian

An appeals court has reinstated a stay that keeps Tampa strip club owner Joe Redner from growing his own marijuana for his cannabis juicing regimen. AP


South Florida Startups
Prep Pitches for $ From Venture Capital Conference. South Fla Biz Journal

Is expanding into smaller cities like Sarasota and Dayton, thanks to fast food. Chicago Tribune

Israeli company has interesting new uses for 3D imaging, from detecting motion in your home to using its X-ray image ability to find studs in the wall. VentureBeat

Communist” Vietnam
Is seeing an increase in online commerce, thanks to rising incomes and growing connectivity. Ozy

Curved Papers
Says it has improved on something you didn’t know needed improvement: the rolling paper. The New Smoker

A Couple of Stories Sort of Related to Sports

The two sports stories I’ve enjoyed most over the last day or so: One, a check-in to see what’s up with former NBA coach Don Nelson, isn’t really a sports story at all – just a story about an interesting guy, enjoying his retirement, playing poker with Willie, Woody and the boys. Thanks to reader Joe Follick for pointing this one out to me.

My other favorite is very much a sports story – because it’s about what makes team sports so satisfying. It’s about a kid finding a way to contribute, even in a not-so traditional way.

Read the story of Rajesh Murti, who flies the team drone and designs plays for a high school football team in the DFW area.

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About David Royse

David Royse
David Royse is the Editor-in-Chief of Ledetree.com. He has been a professional journalist for more than 20 years, including stints with The Associated Press and The News Service of Florida. He enjoys writing about health and medical science, and hopeful stories about scientific breakthroughs and new technology.

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