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The Lede. Autonomous Vehicle Safety and Carbon Tax Talk

The Lede, Thursday, July 19, 2018
By David Royse

Stop and Start

The autonomous vehicle industry often points out that the self-driving cars, thousands of which are being tested right now, are certain to be safer than human-driven cars, considering that human error is to blame in the vast majority of auto crashes. 

But there is currently no specific federal safety standard exclusively for autonomous vehicles (the law didn’t contemplate them – and the vehicles are currently subject only to the standards placed on all cars). Safety advocates are starting to get nervous that the cars will hit the road en masse without specific safety requirements – and that a bill in Congress could exempt them from even the current regulations required for all cars, driverless or human-driven. The proposal is part of the AV Start Act, which is meant to spur AV development by allowing autonomous cars exemptions from some of those current safety standards and also would pre-empt states and local governments from enacting their own stricter safety rules. 

More today on this as Congress may consider this in the coming weeks. 

Gas Tax or Carbon Tax

Congress also may be about to consider a proposal by a South Florida Republican that would eventually replace the federal gas tax with a tax on carbon emissions. It would also put a moratorium on enforcement of current federal clean air regulations – but would have goals for fairly significant reductions in carbon output – 30 percent in a little over a decade. The story

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Drone Rescue
And a cool story about the use of drones in emergencies – a camera drone operator who was in the Himalayas to take video of mountain climbers used the drone to rescue one who got lost. LedeTree

And Here’s a Company I’ll Never Be Able to Work For
We Work Says It’s a Meat-Free Organization 

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