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The Lede: A Deep Bench Chipped in to Help Soccer’s Most Popular Team: Thailand’s Wild Boars

The Lede, Tuesday, July 10, 2018
By David Royse

France or Belgium? Nope, Thailand

Much of the world watched a World Cup semifinal today between Belgium and France and cheered for one or the other. Most of the world watched another soccer team emerge victorious today. That one was a bunch of kids in Thailand who had been stuck in a cave. In case you are in your own cave and haven’t followed the story – they got them out OK. All of them. Well done, Thailand.

Many of the rescuers who got the kids soccer team out of the cave in Thailand were volunteers from all over the world. And as the BBC reports in this video, they were backed by other volunteers who helped them out behind the scenes.

More people just getting stuff done

This business is taking on the opioid crisis, one cook, one hostess, one waitress at a time.From the New York Times:

“We are not certified experts on this, nor do we claim to be,” Ms. Perez said. “We are just providing the piece of the puzzle that is giving people a job right away when they are getting clean.”

Just more ordinary people out there trying to do something to make the community better.


Sports Betting: Now Taking Odds on its Legalization in Colorado. Legal Sports Report


Is testing augmented reality ads in its news feed. TechCrunch

Is building a factory in China. Bloomberg

The Midwest
Is proving you don’t have to be in northern California to use AI and get funding. VentureBeat

Also in the news, two stories about traveling to Cuba:

The country is lifting a freeze on new mom and pop tourism businesses.

And there are several airlines that want to take over Delta’s dropped routes to Cuba.

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