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Rural Communities Seeing Returns on Broadband Access

The economic upside of internet access is being pushed by rural broadband advocates across the country who say that there isn’t enough being done to connect rural communities. Building out the necessary infrastructure, they argue, could function as an economic and informational driver for some of the country’s most cash-strapped …

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California Senate Passes Net Neutrality Bill

California State Capitol Building

Internet providers in California would have to operate under net neutrality rules stricter than the federal rules repealed last year, under a measure passed this week by the California Senate. The bill, which passed the Senate 23-12 on Thursday, prohibits companies from blocking legal internet traffic, slowing down internet traffic …

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The Lede. Net Neutrality Vote Today in Senate

The Lede

The Lede, Wednesday, May 16, 2018 By David Royse The U.S. Senate votes today on net neutrality. The LEDE Internet Stuff The Senate votes shortly on net neutrality and is expected to pass a bill to restore the Obama-era rules that said internet service providers have to treat all traffic the …

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Net Neutrality Advocates Force Congressional Vote on Issue

Person Typing on a Home Computer

Members of Congress in favor of requiring net neutrality rules for internet service providers have enough signatures to force a Congressional vote on the issue. Sen. Ed Markey of Massachusetts tweeted that backers of a bill to restore net neutrality requirements have enough signatures and will officially file the petition …

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