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The Rise of the Super Commuters: 90 Minutes on the Way to Work

Three hours on two trains and a bus to go from Stockton, Calif. to San Francisco. Three and a half hours from the Connecticut suburbs to New York. Over an hour to go 13 miles in the Miami area.

Stories of awful commutes for the “super commuters” accompany a new report from Apartmentlist.com, which released its latest list of the worst “super commutes,” starting with Stockton, Calif. From there, a large number of people make the trek 80 miles west to the Bay area, where housing has basically become unaffordable for most people. About 10 percent of Stockton residents commute more than 90 minutes a day.

Apartmentlist.com says nearly 4 million American workers travel 90 minutes or more each day to get to work, an increase of more than 30 percent over the last decade.

“The increase in super commuters isn’t just seen in the regions surrounding expensive cities such as San Francisco, Miami and New York,” the website says. “The share of super commuters increased in 39 states and nearly three-quarters of the nation’s largest metros between 2005 and 2016.”

But it is bad in South Florida, where in the last 10 years, Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties have seen an increase of almost 29 percent in the percentage of commuters who travel at least 90 minutes to get to work.

And San Francisco, where more than 100,000 city residents spend at least 90 minutes commuting to work each day. San Francisco itself is ranked sixth.

Modesto, Calif., and Riverside, which is in Southern California, are No. 2 and No. 3 behind Stockton. Of all the commuters in those two towns, about 7 percent are “super commuters.”

New York City is fourth, followed by Bridgeport, Conn., where lots of people commute TO New York. After No. 6 San Francisco, Washington, D.C. is seventh, and while it’s a small number, more than 4 percent of residents have a commute of at least 90 minutes in No. 8 Allentown, Pa.

Rounding out the 10 places with the most super commuters are No. 9 Atlanta and No. 10 Los Angeles.


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