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Preliminary Work Starts on What Could be DC Hyperloop Station

Washington, D.C. has issued a permit to Elon Musk’s Boring Company for preliminary work on what could eventually become a hyperloop station.


The Washington Post reported a couple weeks ago that Musk’s company has gotten a “vague” building permit from the district’s government, allowing some excavation work at the site, currently a parking lot on New York Ave., in Northeast D.C.

A spokesman for the Boring Co. told the Post that the site could eventually become a station in an envisioned line of stops along a hyperloop line.

An official in the D.C. mayor’s office told the Post that the office was just beginning to understand the general vision for hyperloop, but was “open to the concept of moving people around the region more efficiently.”

The Washington Business Journal pointed out a Twitter mention of the permit, which appears in the city’s online database and was granted in November.

Maryland officials have also given the Boring Co., the OK to start work on a 10 mile tunnel in part of Maryland that would, presumably, be part of the same hyperloop line.

“This thing is real. It’s exciting to see,” Maryland Transportation Secretary Pete Rahn said in October in the Baltimore Sun. “The word ‘transformational’ may be overused, but this is a technology that leapfrogs any technology that is out there today. And it’s going to be here.”

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