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Smart Clothes, Wearables To Expand In Fitness Category

Wearables Smart Watch

Specialized wearables such as smart athletic wear, connected sneakers and hearing-based wearables are expected to surge over the next four years, outpacing the growth of conventional fitness trackers. Jen Booton | Sports Techie Connected clothes and ear-based wearables, coined “hearables,” are forecast to climb 550 percent over the next four …

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SpaceX Satellite Launch Delayed

Falcon 9 Rocket

SpaceX Won’t Launch Today Because of High Winds. Hoping to Go Thursday David Royse | LedeTree Elon Musk’s SpaceX said early Wednesday it was postponing a planned launch until at least Thursday because of high winds. The launch will take into orbit satellites that are part of the company’s effort …

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Training Begins on Stopping the Robot Dogs

Boston Dynamics Spot Mini Robot Dog

If we’re going to teach robot dogs to open doors, we need to start training now on how to stop them LedeTree If we’ve learned one thing from science fiction movies, it should be that we have to know how to operate the kill switch. Boston Dynamics got lots of …

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Virgin Hyperloop One Advances Plans in India

Hyper Loop One Car

Virgin Hyperloop One said Tuesday it has done a “pre-feasability study” and has a framework agreement with local governments in India’s Maharashtra state to create a fully electric hyperloop between Mumbai and Pune. LedeTree The plan would be to have the system running by 2025. It could carry up to …

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Cleveland-Chicago Hyperloop: Agreement on Feasability Study

Hyperloop Capsule

Where do you go to build big, bold new things? If you’re Hyperloop, you go to places with people known for making things. “Places that have had dreams, and that have made them.” LedeTree Hyperloop announced this week that it has signed agreements with local transportation agencies in Ohio and …

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