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California Moves to Reduce Plastic Straws

California could become the first state to to restrict the distribution of plastic straws at restaurants under a bill approved Thursday by lawmakers. Despite many breathless headlines, the legislation doesn’t ban straws outright, but would prohibit full-service, dine-in restaurants from automatically giving them to customers – they could if requested. The …

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Kroger Stores to Phase Out Plastic Bags

plastic grocery bags

Grocery chain Kroger said today it will phase out plastic bags over the next few years. The Cincinnati-based grocery store chain – the largest in the nation – will start the shift to using only reusable or, in the short-term, paper bags at its Seattle-based QFC subsidiary, which is expected …

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Hey Google, Tell Me Something Good

Google Logo

Google knows you’re a bit worn out by the dizzying stream of bad news, from the stream of bizarre behavior in the White House and elsewhere in capitals, to pointless them vs. us-style coverage of “issues” on the cable yelling shows. If you’re looking for information about people solving problems, …

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CBD-Oil Massage is a Thing

Neck Massage at Spa

CBD-Oil Massage: CBD, or cannabidiol, the cannabis plant’s non-psychoactive component is known to combat inflammation, bust stress, and has a wellness resume that’s roughly a mile long, so why not rub it in with a good massage? There are places doing that – and you can do it yourself.  Well And Good

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United Tests Lie-Flat Seats on Longest U.S. Routes

United is experimenting with lie-flat seats for its fleet of Boeing Co. 737 Max 10 jets, which the airline plans to fly on its longest domestic routes. The No. 3 U.S. carrier is working on seat designs and has completed an initial round of testing on one model, President Scott …

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