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Promising Research on Substance That Could Mitigate Some Effects of Aging

How much endurance do you think you’ll have at 80? Depending on how close you are now, there’s a chance that by the time you get to your ninth decade, there could be a substance you take that will improve your endurance by 80 percent. Researchers from Harvard and MIT have shown the anti-aging concoction works in mice.

One of the big effects of old age is that your blood vessels aren’t as efficient, meaning oxygen and nutrients aren’t delivered in sufficient quantities to muscles. That’s what causes your loss of endurance.

In a report published last month in the journal Cell, “the researchers said mice treated with a naturally occurring compound had shown signs of blood vessel growth,” the Boston Globe reported on the research a couple weeks ago. “The compound, called nicotinamide mononucleotide, or NMN, strengthens metabolism, cardiovascular functions, and cell maintenance.


“The researchers said that after 18-month-old mice were treated with NMN for two months, they experienced a 56 percent to 80 percent boost in endurance. These effects were also seen in mice that were 32 months old — comparable to humans in their 80s.”

“It’s definitely going against the natural process of aging, which I think is one of the most important things humans need to work on, just like working against cancer or Alzheimer’s,” said the lead researcher, Harvard’s David Sinclair.  “It could have a big effect on increasing lifespan in a healthy way.”

The researchers are in the early stages of human trials using NMN.

Previous research has shown that NMN can mitigate natural DNA damage – typically thought to be unavoidable as organisms age – and could also help with the negative effects on DNA from certain kinds of other damage, such as radiation treatment for cancer.


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