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NJ Legislation Would Require Warning Labels on Opioids

A New Jersey lawmaker has filed a bill requiring prescription opioid medications to include warning labels


New Jersey would become the first state in the nation with a permanent requirement that drug makers put warning labels on prescription opioids if under a bill filed today by a state lawmaker.

“We have warning labels on just about all medications these days,” the lawmaker, Assemblyman John Armato, said in a news release.  “In the middle of this epidemic, we need to utilize every tool in our arsenal to increase awareness and education about the effects of opioid abuse. Adding a warning sticker to all opioid medications is an easy, cost-effective way that can save lives.”


Drug label requirements are set by the federal Food & Drug Administration, but Armato said states can put their own additional requirements in place.

Under Armato’s bill, the stickers would have to be red, with white print, declaring that the medication is an opioid and that opioid drugs carry risk of addiction and overdose.

“In 2018 in New Jersey, it’s sadly an oddity to know someone who hasn’t in some way been touched by the ongoing epidemic,” Armato said. “I look forward to working with all doctors, nurses, pharmacists, recovery groups, and all stakeholders to pass this important piece of legislation.”


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