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Nikola Budweiser Beer Truck

Nikola, Not Tesla, Gets Bid to Build Hydrogen-Fueled Semi Trucks for Budweiser

A company named for Nikola Tesla is probably going to win the battle to make the alternative fuel trucks that will soon dot the nation’s highways.

The question remains whether it will be Nikola or Tesla.

Anheuser-Busch announced today that it has chosen Nikola Motors to provide hydrogen-fueled, electric motor semi trucks, the first step in the beer maker’s plan to have a completely renewable fuel-powered delivery truck fleet by 2025.

The company’s order is for up to 800 of the trucks, which will be delivered starting in 2020.

Nikola’s competitor, the more established and better known Tesla Motors, also is big in the alternative fuel truck arena. It announced a big get back in March, when it landed an order from FedEx for 20 fully electric trucks staring in 2019, with an expectation that it could grow to a larger order. Tesla says it soon will be making 100,000 electric trucks a year. UPS, WalMart, Pepsi and Cysco have all also ordered Tesla trucks – while Budweiser actually bought some from Tesla for testing.

While the competitor companies’ names may spur a smile, especially among electrical engineers or Serbian-Americans, the two companies don’t have a laughing relationship.

Nikola sued Tesla this past week for $2 billion, alleging patent infringement. Nikola first unveiled its electric semi truck in 2016.


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