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Nightlife Mayor Is No Honorary Title in New York

Ideas: New York Now Has an Official Whose Job is to Run the City’s Office of Nightlife, To Try to Smooth Over Relations Between Night Spots and Residents


It’s the City That Never Sleeps. New York, New York.

That could be because it’s hard to sleep when the bar across the street disgorges rowdy, drunken patrons at all hours of the night.

New York City has heard the pleas of weary New Yorkers. And it’s doing something about it. The city now has a “Mayor of Nightlife.”

Got a complaint about the bar next door? Call the Nightlife Mayor. Residents aren’t the only ones with complaints. If you’re a club owner getting “over-regulated,” you may want to call the Nightlife Mayor.

Ariel Palitz
Photo: Ariel Palitz Facebook Page

Slate reported this week that New York’s overall mayor, Bill de Blasio, has hired Ariel Palitz to be the Nightlife Mayor, answering residents’ complaints about nightlife and attempting to ease the tension between the night spots that are such a central part of life in the Big Apple and the people who are just trying to live there.

The Slate article notes that New York (cutting edge though it may be) isn’t the first city to come up with this idea – London has a “night czar,” and Amsterdam, a place that really has some night life, has a “nachtburgermeester.”

Back in New York, Palitz seems like a logical choice for the position. She’s the former owner of Sutra, which used to be known as the city’s noisiest bar, according to the Associated Press. 

New York is very serious about this idea. The AP reports that Palitz will oversee a 12-person advisory board and a $300,000 annual budget. She will make $130,000 a year.

It’s not clear what time Palitz, 47, will have to get to the office – presumably, it’s a night job. Fortunately, “I’ve always been a nocturnal person,” Palitz told The New York Times. 


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