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Musk Pitches LA Tunnel Rides, Go Under the Traffic

Traffic in Los Angeles isn’t getting any better.

Elon Musk is telling locals he’s going to get them not through it, not over it, but under it.

Musk, the head of the Boring Co., who also heads up car-maker Tesla and rocket launch company SpaceX, pitched his vision for a tunnel under LA to an audience that cheered his promises of a ride from Dodger Stadium to LAX in ten minutes, a trip that takes more than an hour by car.

Musk told those who came to hear about the project that theoretically, the company could bore down many levels – enough to accommodate “any level of trafffic.” The tunnels would carry capsules, which could descend into them at one of several entrances, and travel at super high speed underneath the sprawling, traffic-choked city.

“You could have hundreds of lanes,” he said. “There’s no real limit.”

Musk calls it “personalized mass transit.”

“This is the only way we can think of to address chronic traffic issues in major cities,” he said. “And L.A. is the worst…. The reason we were late – we were stuck on the damn 405…. But almost every city in the world has severe traffic issues.”

He said he isn’t suggesting underground travel as the only possible solution to traffic woes, and doesn’t necessarily think it should be used to the exclusion of others. But, he noted in a slide presentation, it’s “way less nerve-wracking than flying cars.”

Other pros to the idea include that building tunnels, unlike building new highways, doesn’t divide communities.

And, he promised, it would be quiet and unobtrusive.

“You can’t see it, hear it, feel it,” he said.

The company recently announced that one demonstration tunnel is nearly complete.


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