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Lightmatter Innovation Could Spark Big Computing Speedup

A startup called Lightmatter claims it has developed a chip that uses light, rather than electrical signals, for processing, which would dramatically speed up computers’ ability to make the computations needed to perform intelligent functions.

David Royse | LedeTree

If the company is successful, this could be a huge leap forward in what can be done with AI.

“For decades, electronic computers have been at the foundation of the computational progress that has ultimately enabled the AI revolution, but AI algorithms have a voracious appetite for computational power,” Dr. Nicholas Harris, CEO of Lightmatter said in a news release announcing the company has raised $11 million in Series A funding to accelerate development of its new chip. “AI is really in its infancy, and to move forward, new enabling technologies are required. At Lightmatter, we are augmenting electronic computers with photonics to power a fundamentally new kind of computer that is efficient enough to propel the next generation of AI.”

The technology was developed at MIT. The company says the new type of chip “promises orders of magnitude performance improvements over what’s feasible using existing technologies.”

There are some bona fides behind this: The founders of Lightmatter won last year’s Harvard President’s Innovation Challenge and the MIT $100k Entrepreneurship Competition.

The company is based in Boston.

READ Lightmatter’s Press Release

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