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lede /lēd/ noun : the opening sentence or paragraph of a news article, summarizing the most important aspects of the story. “the lede has been rewritten and the headline changed”

“The speed of communication is wondrous to behold. It is also true that speed can multiply the distribution of information that we know to be untrue.” – Edward R. Murrow

LedeTree seeks to bring people and communication platforms together for conversations that can fall outside the spotlight.

Today, communication and information-gathering options are as broad as our personal opinions:

Newspapers; Blogs; Facebook; Twitter; LinkedIn; Snapchat; Instagram; Email; Text; Phone; IM; Tumblr; YouTube; Reddit… LedeTree is building a space where important conversations can occur, with diverse opinion, real news, and in-depth information.

And then Lede(ing) those people to where they go next to continue those important conversations. We all need a space where real people get to tell the media what is important to them, and real people decide the real news that matters to all of us.

“Real News by the People for the People”

Many mainstream 24-hour news cycles get stuck chasing the same story. LedeTree strives to give you the personal stories that get lost in the shuffle.

Accurate and un-biased original content. All LedeTree content is personally hand selected; we don’t use robots We don’t change how we cover a story because of an advertiser. Sources and Advertisers will be named. We care about where our information is coming from. We believe in Non-Anonymous comments.

Sign up for LedeTree Newsletter, Follow LedeTree on Twitter, Find LedeTree on Facebook, or simply go to LedeTree.com where all of these options meet. One idea, many ways to get there.

“Information is giving out; communication is getting through.” – Sydney J Harris

Connect with us. We need everyone in the communication.