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The Lede: Vote on world-changing ideas. Plus facial recognition at the airport. Have a pint of stout and Read the Lede

The Lede, Friday, March 16, 2018
By David Royse


Some of the best ideas to change the world

You see a Facebook post that tugs at your heart a little and, as you read about some problem, you want to donate to a cause that is working on that problem. You could try to Google and see if you can find an organization doing work on that problem, then either hope, or do more detective work to see if it’s reputable. But you don’t have much time right now. Maybe later. You probably never donate.

If only there were just a donate button on that Facebook post. Enter PocketChange.

Your change could help make change. Good idea?

How about using drones with thermal based sensors to detect land mines? Good idea?

Those are two of the ten good ideas you could vote for in the National Geographic Chasing Genius Challenge, which aims to provide $25,000 for the best world-changing tech idea. Who decides the winner? You. It’s crowd-sourced.

Here’s a link to the 10 finalist ideas. You can vote through March 20.

The Follow

A quick follow-up to the “surveillance” edition of the Lede a couple of days ago.

Facial scanning is now being live-tested at some American airports.

From NPR:

Customs and Border Protection “is testing biometric scanning at a dozen or so U.S. international airports to ensure that people leaving the country are who they say they are, and to prevent visa overstays. The Transportation Security Administration, another agency within the Department of Homeland Security, is testing similar devices at security check-in lines.”

Read or listen to the full story from NPR


Singapore was tops in world at integrating tech with infrastructure in 2017, edging San Francisco and London. Straits Times


Is testing a Netflix-style monthly subscription. The Verge

Is in talks with Toyota on selling its self-driving tech to other companies. Reuters

Wants to make its listings and properties easier to use for people with disabilities. TechCrunch

Will sell you a water bottle that tracks your hydration. Irish Times (Yeah, I spent the morning reading the Irish Times because it’s St. Patrick’s weekend.)

Finally, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, how about a slice of life story from old Ireland? Turns out, life in the old country is pretty similar to life here.

The Irish check their phones 57 times a day, according to today’s Irish Times. Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Slainte!

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