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The Lede, Please Google Responsibly

The Lede, Wednesday, May 9, 2018
By David Royse

If you are reading this at work, great. If you are lying there in bed, trying to fall asleep, or at dinner when you should be paying attention to others around you, and for sure, if you are driving, PUT THE PHONE DOWN. This newsletter will be here when you come back, and it holds up well.

Going on today:
– The MJBizConNEXT Conference (cannabis business) starts today in New Orleans.
– SAE International, the Tampa-Hillsborough Expressway Authority and Florida state Sen. Jeff Brandes are bringing an autonomous car demo to Tampa

If You Love Someone, Set Them Free

Is Google Willing to Let You Go, Just a Little Bit, To Keep From Killing You?

From a business standpoint, and from an “actually will affect your lifestyle perspective,” this, I think, is the most interesting story of the day. Coming out of Google’s I/O conference this week, from Co.Design:
“Google introduced a clever and aggressive response to its own habit-forming products. It’s a broad initiative called Digital Wellbeing that CEO Sundar Pichai says will ultimately affect every Google product. “It’s clear that technology can be a powerful force, but it’s equally clear that we can’t just be wide-eyed about [it],” said Pichai on stage at Google’s I/O conference. “We feel a deep sense of responsibility to get this right.”

For now, Google’s upcoming Android P operating system is introducing three great features to help us break–or at least, better manage–our screen addictions.

Read about those three features at Co.Design

What else is Google Up To?

BGR: The 10 biggest announcements from Google at I/O

The Future of Healthcare

Cannabis Research
A congressional committee yesterday approved legislation authorizing the VA to do research on medical to marijuana. The committee’s chairman says surveys show large numbers of vets already use it manage pain, so it should at least be studied. More at LedeTree

One Long Read to Save for the Weekend, from the New York Times Magazine, on the Children of the Opioid Epidemic. 


Is showing off how its driverless cars can handle the snow. Engadget

Is updating its plans on flying cars. LedeTree

Assistant now has new voices. Including John Legend’s. AdAge

Is shaking up management – and getting into blockchain. AdAge

Has started allowing all U.S. employees to use its family leave policy, which allows up to six weeks away from work. Memphis Business Journal

Biggest news in cannabis today is a report on potential $$$. Actually, maybe should be $$$$$$$. Marijuana Business Daily reports on a new estimate that says cannabis sales could hit $10 billion this year in the U.S. alone. The forecast is for more than double that in four years.

Caesars Entertainment will stop testing potential hires for cannabis. Merry Jane


RIDESHARING: Hailing a helo: I wrote here yesterday about Uber’s plans for drone taxis, coming to the USA in a couple years. In Singapore, you can already use an app to hail a helicopter – though they have a pilot, and they’re not electric. AFP




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David Royse
David Royse is the Editor-in-Chief of Ledetree.com. He has been a professional journalist for more than 20 years, including stints with The Associated Press and The News Service of Florida. He enjoys writing about health and medical science, and hopeful stories about scientific breakthroughs and new technology.

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