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Kroger Stores to Phase Out Plastic Bags

Grocery chain Kroger said today it will phase out plastic bags over the next few years.

The Cincinnati-based grocery store chain – the largest in the nation – will start the shift to using only reusable or, in the short-term, paper bags at its Seattle-based QFC subsidiary, which is expected to be plastic bag-free by next year. The Seattle area was a natural place to start, because a local law has already banned plastic bags in some stores.

“We are phasing out use-once, throw-it-away plastic bags and transitioning to reusable bags in our stores by 2025,” said Rodney McMullen, Kroger’s chairman and CEO. “It’s a bold move that will better protect our planet for future generations.”

Most grocery stores in the country bag groceries in single-use plastic bags, and some estimates are that 100 billion of those are discarded every year. Kroger’s decision is expected to take about 6 billion plastic bags out of that equation. Kroger said less than five percent of plastic bags are recycled.

Kroger operates nearly 2,800 stores around the country under a variety of store names. In addition to operating Kroger stores, some of its better-known subsidiaries include Roundy’s and Mariano’s in the Midwest; FredMeyer in the Northwest; Harris Teeter in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic; and its largest subsidiary, Ralph’s, in Southern California.

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