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Judge: Florida Shouldn’t Block Strip Club Owner from Growing His Own Marijuana for Juicing Regimen

Former strip club owner Joe Redner has been told by his doctor he should juice cannabis, and drink eight ounces a day.

A Tampa strip club owner can grow his own marijuana to maintain a treatment regimen his doctor has recommended to stave off a relapse of lung cancer, a judge in Florida has ruled. The state is expected to appeal.

Joe Redner, 77, should juice his marijuana and drink eight ounces of it a day, his doctor says, suggesting that’s the best way to prevent a return of the cancer, according to court documents.

A circuit court judge in Tallahassee, Karen Gievers, ruled on Tuesday that Redner is free to grow marijuana at home to use in his treatment. The state Department of Health is fighting to prevent home growing, and has said it will appeal Gievers’ decision, which applies only to Redner, the News Service of Florida reported.

Redner filed his lawsuit last year, seeking to skirt regulations put in place in Florida after voters passed a constitutional amendment allowing medical marijuana.

If Redner can grow his own, rather than getting it from regulated dispensaries, it “opens the door for plaintiff and other qualified patients to grow medical marijuana unchecked from any state regulation,” lawyers for the state argued, the News Service reported.

“The only way to prevent the proliferation of unregulated homegrown marijuana is to maintain the status quo” while the appeals court considers the case, the state’s lawyers wrote.

Redner’s lawyers argued that not allowing Redner to grow it prevents him from having adequate access to treatment he needs daily.

“The only ‘harm’ the (state) will suffer is that it will not get to keep blocking the plaintiff’s access to medical treatment deemed by the plaintiff’s physician … as being the optimum method for Mr. Redner to keep his former stage 4 lung cancer in remission,” Redner’s attorneys argued.

Redner, who claims to have invented the lap dance, is one of the best-known businessmen in the Tampa Bay area.


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