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John Morgan

John Morgan: “No Way” to Running for Fla Gov as Indy

John Morgan, who lead the effort to legalize medical marijuana in Florida, says “No Way” to running for governor of the state as an independent

David Royse | LedeTree

Morgan said on Facebook and Twitter on Thursday night that independents never win, and seemed to rule out a run for governor, despite overtures from supporters.

“Independents never win and only act as spoilers,” Morgan tweeted. “May the best man OR woman win.”

Florida Gov. Rick Scott will leave office early next year after serving two terms.

Morgan, an attorney in Orlando, has been pushed by supporters to consider a run following his success in the marijuana campaign. In addition to the attention he received as the leader of Florida’s medical marijuana movement, Morgan has strong recognition in Florida because ads for his law firm are nearly ubiquitous.

He left the Democratic Party last year, but he said in November that he didn’t really fit into either party.

“The truth of the matter is I find myself somewhere in the middle,” Morgan said then. “What I call myself is a compassionate capitalist … we need to do the most for the most with the least…. So I decided that for me it’s best to be independent.”

Morgan also said right after Thanksgiving that he was going to “put the brakes on” thinking about running for governor “for now.”

But Thursday’s announcement he won’t run as an independent either seems to rule out a Morgan candidacy.

“To run for something like this you have to really have a fire in your belly,” he said back in November, noting that he spends lots of time outside the state, and hinting he didn’t want to give up all of his other pursuits.

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