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How 5G Will Change Industries


We’ll start seeing devices that make full use of 5G internet connectivity by 2020, though the massive improvements in technology that the faster, bigger internet “pipe” will make possible may not be fully realized for more than a decade. 

That’s the projection of Intel Chief Strategy Officer Aicha Evans, who talks to MarketWatch in a new video posted today about how 5G will revolutionize industries, from disaster response to e-sports to driverless cars.

Evans says 2020 is when you’ll start seeing devices on the market, but it won’t be full scale for about a decade.

Evans also predicted the new technology that 5G allows will create more than 20 million jobs by 2035.

Among the areas where 5G technology will allow major improvements is disaster response, Evans said.

“This is going to change drastically, responsiveness, … thousands of lives will be saved,” she said.

The technology will also allow for better autonomous cars that will be able to make real-time adjustments to changing conditions because of improvements in speed of data flow.

And finally, it will also make things more fun. For sports fans: you’ll be able to “watch a game from any angle and any viewpoint.”

And, we’re already starting to see the rise of e-sports as something that’s come out of basements and is entering the the mainstream of American culture – Evans predicts (stock buyers note:) “exponential development” in the e-sports industry because of 5G.


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