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Headspace Providing NBA Teams Access to Meditation App

The NBA has partnered with Headspace to provide all league and team employees across the NBA, WNBA, NBA G League and its NBA 2K esports league access to the meditation and mindfulness app.

In exchange, the NBA will codevelop mental training content with Headspace this summer designed to prepare athletes at all levels for competition, which it will share on its mobile app.

“The focus in sports training has often been exclusively on physical conditioning, but as top athletes at all levels have increasingly learned, mental fitness is also a critical determinant of success,” NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said in a statement.

As part of the deal, league and team staffs will have unlimited access to Headspace’s library of meditation content, including its “Headspace for Sport” package, which includes a series of guided talks meant to strengthen an athlete’s mindfulness and meditation skills with a focus on motivation, concentration, training, competition, analysis and recovery. Headspace will also conduct events across the NBA related to mindfulness and health, such as wellness programs for employees and meditation sessions for players.

“We hear it time and time again from athletes that the differentiator is not their physicality, but their mental toughness and focus,” said Headspace co-founder and CEO Rich Pierson. “Mindfulness training allows us to be more aware of ourselves and to be more in the moment.”

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