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North Dakota Golf Course is First to Have Food, Drink Delivery By Drone

Get in the Hole! Drone Delivery Comes to the Golf Course

Is that a birdie? Or a bogey? Or just your burger and a beverage, flying to you before you tee off on the sixth hole?

Kings Walk Golf Course in Grand Forks, N.D., claims to be the first course in the country to deliver food and drinks to golfers out on the course by drone.

“When you are hungry or thirsty and you want delivery services instead of scouring the course or waiting for the beverage cart, you just open the app, you choose your delivery location, you choose your food items, you hit pay and then the order is placed with the restaurant,” Wes Shover of Flytrex Aviation, the vendor that provides the drone, told the Grand Forks Herald.

No more waiting for the beverage cart – order using your mobile and have it delivered before you finish your putt!” Flytrex says on a video touting its delivery drone.

The biggest downside: the Flytrex drone at Kings Walk can’t serve you a beer. Because it can’t card you.

For now, it also only is making deliveries to one spot on the course. That means it’s not much different than having to wait until you get to a cart, or the clubhouse between the front and back nine. But eventually, the drone will make deliveries wherever golfers are on the course.

Flytrex also is part of a partnership that offers food deliveries in Reykjavik, Iceland. 


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