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Companies Are Making School Safety Products, Parents Are Buying

Amid fear that schools and police may not be able to adequately protect kids from future school shooters, companies are selling products aimed at helping kids protect themselves.


As information emerges that a school-based deputy and arriving police didn’t stop a school shooter in South Florida this month, and a realization that the political will may not exist to find any kind of compromise that would make it harder to get guns in many places, parents are starting to look for answers for their kids, including products that could help kids protect themselves.

Companies selling bulletproof backpacks, door stops, and tracking devices have all seen spikes in sales, according to a story published Saturday in The New York Post.

The story highlighted parents who had bought the Jiobit, a GPS tracker that allows parents to know where their kids are. “Jiobit is small enough to hide, lasts for weeks and tracks accurately and in real time,” the company says on its website. Jiobit, based in Chicago, started after founder John Renaldi lost track of his young son for about a half hour while on a road trip.

But it could also be used to help parents locate their children amid the chaos of a dangerous event, such as a natural disaster, or a school shooting.

The Post story also highlights upticks in sales of BulletBlocker, a bulletproof backpack. Owner Joe Curran told the Post the company has seen sales jump 300 percent since the Valentine’s Day school shooting in Parkland, Fla. that left 17 school kids dead.

The story also mentions another product that has gotten a lot of attention in the past week, a tool that can help prevent a door from being opened. The Justin Kase, invented by a Wisconsin teen named Justin Rivard, is a hard metal stop that goes under a door and wraps around the frame, and can be locked into place.



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