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How 5G Will Change Industries


NEW – IN IDEAS ON THE INTERNET TODAY: We’ll start seeing devices that make full use of 5G internet connectivity by 2020, though the massive improvements in technology that the faster, bigger internet “pipe” will make possible may not be fully realized for more than a decade.  That’s the projection …

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Congress Again With the Big Tech Questions

U.S. Capitol Building

The Senate Intelligence Committee and the House Energy and Commerce Committee this week tried again to get a handle on whether the nation’s big social media companies are some sort of threat to the greater good. They also tried again to figure out just what it is these companies, that …

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AT&T Investing in Magic Leap

Magic Leap Logo

After spending the last couple of weeks closing the deal to buy TimeWarner for $85 billion and buying ad firm AppNexus for up to $2 billion, AT&T announced a key distribution move in its new bid to be a media powerhouse: it’s taking a strategic investment into Magic Leap, the high profile augmented reality startup, which will …

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Report: Tesla Will Close a Dozen Solar Facilities

Tesla Headquarters Palo Alto

The sun is not shining on Tesla lately. The electric car maker’s decision last week to cut nearly 10 percent of its workforce will drastically shrink its residential solar business, the division once known as Solar City, according to internal documents and several current and former employees interviewed by the …

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Rural Communities Seeing Returns on Broadband Access

The economic upside of internet access is being pushed by rural broadband advocates across the country who say that there isn’t enough being done to connect rural communities. Building out the necessary infrastructure, they argue, could function as an economic and informational driver for some of the country’s most cash-strapped …

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Net Neutrality Repeal In Effect Today

Cables Internet Service Provider

The repeal of rules governing how internet service providers can treat traffic on the web go into effect today, with backers, including the majority of the Federal Communications Commission, saying the new rule book will still protect internet users’ freedom, while allowing service providers to continue to innovate. Opponents, however, …

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YouTube Providing New Options for Parents

Phone Streaming YouTube

YouTube recently announced a series of changes aimed at making it easier for parents to protect their kids as they peruse videos on the Google-owned site. YouTube announced it is offering a wide range of channels that are approved by humans, not algorithms as kid-friendly, making it easier for parents …

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Pentagon Shuts Off ZTE, Huawei Phone Sales on Bases

Huawei Ascend

Members of the U.S. armed forces won’t be able to buy ZTE and Huawei phones on military bases, under a new directive from the Pentagon issued over concerns about security. Officials in the U.S. government have expressed fears that the Chinese government or others in China could hack into the …

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