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Legislation Aimed at Opioids Filed

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A measure introduced in Congress Tuesday would prohibit marketing that suggests opioids aren’t addictive and create criminal liability for pharmaceutical executives at companies found to have contributed to the nation’s opioid painkiller addiction epidemic. The bill was introduced by Sen. Bernie Sanders, Reuters reported. Sanders, who ran as a Democrat …

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Congestion Charge To Reduce Driving Dropped Asthma Attacks

New York City Traffic

A new study shows that after Stockholm, Sweden started charging drivers $2.60 to drive into downtown during the workday, the resulting drop in air pollution led to a dramatic decrease in asthma attacks for the city’s kids. Stockholm began the charge in 2006 and made it permanent in 2007. The …

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Male Contraceptive Pill Test Promising

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A birth control pill that can be taken by men looks promising and safe, according to a study released this past week by researchers at the University of Washington and the Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute. The month-long study involved giving the oral contraceptive to 83 men between 18 and …

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Xanax, Valium OD Deaths On Rise

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America is well aware of its opioid epidemic, but there’s a hidden crisis brewing with prescription sedatives such as Xanax and Valium, a new review warns. Dennis Thompson | HealthDay Known as benzodiazepines, overdose deaths involving these medications have increased exponentially over the past decade, in lockstep with a steady …

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