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LedeTree Cannabis News Roundup – September 12, 2017

A look at cannabis news from around the country

By David Royse | LedeTree.com

States Trying to Keep Better Tabs on Homegrown Pot

In Colorado, Oregon and Washington, where it is legal to grow marijuana at home for medical purposes, officials are worried growers may illegally sell their produce across state lines.

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San Diego Legalizes Growing

Many people think of San Diego as one of the more conservative spots in otherwise mostly liberal California. But the San Diego city council voted 6-3 on Monday (Sept. 11) to legalize cultivation, manufacturing and testing of marijuana locally when new California laws take effect in January.

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Concerns in Iowa Over Transporting Cannabis From Neighboring States

When Iowa lawmakers passed legislation allowing the use of cannabis oil for medical use they set up a system for in-state production. But it may not be up and running until the end of 2018. So, in an effort to create more immediate access to the oil, lawmakers put a provision into law requiring the state to license two out-of-state dispensaries, with the idea they’d bring cannabis oil into Iowa to sell it. But this week, the state put that section of the law on hold over concerns it could pose a problem with federal restrictions.

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