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California: No Mixing Cannabis, Alcohol

If you hold a license to sell beer or booze in California, and a license to grow, sell or process cannabis, that’s OK, but you can’t sell both of those in the same place.

The California agency that regulates cannabis put out an advisory this week clarifying that point, noting that there’s no law against holding both licenses but reminding California businesses that license holders under the state’s marijuana law “shall not sell alcoholic beverages or tobacco products on or at any premises licensed under this division.”


The agency also used the memo to make clear that alcohol establishment owners also can’t let consumers bring their own cannabis in and consume it in the bar.

The state’s memo reminded bar owners that state law in California “prohibits the smoking or ingesting of cannabis or cannabis products in a public place,” except under certain exceptions that don’t include bars and restaurants.  The sale of alcoholic beverages at places covered under the exceptions is expressly prohibited, the memo said.

That also means no wine or beer and cannabis pairing events, the agency said.  It also said that state law prohibits the making of beers infused with cannabis, which some brewers in other places have experimented with.

The memo also addresses cannabidiol, or CBD, and says, essentially, it’s the same as marijuana under the California law when it comes to this point. No CBD sales are allowed at bars either.

California legalized non-medical use of cannabis by any adult this year.



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