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Elon Musk Boring Co.

Booo-rrrring: Musk’s Company Gets Nod to Build Chicago Tunnel to O’Hare

Elon Musk’s Boring Co. has been chosen to build a tunnel between downtown Chicago and O’Hare International Airport, a project aimed at speeding up travel times to the airport by zipping people along in electric, autonomous cars that will go more than 100 mph.

Under the company’s plan, the trip from Chicago’s Loop to the airport in its northwest suburbs would take just 12 minutes. The trip currently takes about 45 minutes on L trains and can take an hour by car. The company says the cost for the super fast tunnel ride would be about $25. A route for the tunnel hasn’t been chosen.

The company hasn’t made a final estimate of cost – but it will pick up the full price tag. The Chicago Tribune reported Thursday that a source says the company believes the project will cost under $1 billion.

“I think figuring out — when time is money — how to shrink the distance between the economic and job engines of O’Hare and downtown positions Chicago as the global leader and global city in the United States,” Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel told the Tribune.

Boring Co. beat out other bidders looking to provide a fast alternative route to O’Hare, including a consortium that included the designers of London Heathrow Airport’s new terminal and an fund backed by Magic Johnson, according to Bloomberg News.



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