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Bitcoin Price Up Again on Tuesday, but Exchanges Face Web Volume Problems

The price of Bitcoin was up again on Tuesday morning even as the digital currency exchanges where it can be bought were having some web troubles.


Bitcoin exchanges Coinbase and Bitfinex both had problems on their websites, according to Reuters, a frustration for traders who wanted to sell as the price rose, and those wanting to buy on hopes it would keep going. Both sites were operating as of this writing at late morning.

As of noon eastern time Bitcoin was selling for $17,170 as tracked by Coindesk after opening Tuesday at just under $16,700, putting the price up 2.8 percent over the morning. The price has been up and down this week, but was inching back toward its week high of $17,370.

Bitcoin futures, meanwhile, were down a bit on Tuesday morning, the second full day of trading for the contracts on the Chicago Board of Exchange futures exchange.

After closing Monday at $18,545, January Bitcoin futures were down a bit to $18,260 by late morning Tuesday.

More than 4,100 futures contracts for Bitcoin were traded in the first day they were available Monday, the CBOE said. There was much lighter trading of February and March futures for the cryptocurrency.

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