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An axe, or ax, and ax-throwing targets

Ax Throwing and Beer Drinking: What Could Go Wrong Here?

Hold my beer and watch this.

In Newington Conn., there’s a new place where you can go throw axes. Good clean, ax-throwing fun.

You know what it needs now? Alcohol. Definitely alcohol.

The Hartford Courant reported Monday that the entrepreneur who opened the facility, called Montana Nights, is now seeking a special permit to serve alcohol at the site.

“The whole atmosphere is a very social thing and it lends itself very well to have a social drink or two,” owner Merle McKenzie told the Courant. “It’s an ax throwing facility where you can have a beer while you hang out and play with friends. It’s like a bowling alley.”

“You’ll have an ‘axespert’ with you at all times, so there aren’t going to be any yahoos getting blitzed and throwing axes around,” McKenzie said.

“Whether it’s corporate events, bachelorette parties or your dad’s birthday, nothing brings friends together like throwing an ax,” Montana Nights says on its website. “Is it safe? Our certified ‘Axeperts’ will be with you throughout your event ensuring safety and cheering you on!”

McKenzie told the Courant that the activity will be safer than darts, which are after all, a staple in many an American barroom. The lanes where people will be throwing axes are separated by walls and fencing. “When you play darts anyone can walk in front of you while you’re throwing. This is a lot safer,” McKenzie said.

There won’t be hard liquor.

“We are an axe throwing facility that serves beer and wine only,” the website says.

The local commission will decide next month on the alcohol permit.


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