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Arkansas Gets Waiver for Work Requirement for Medicaid

Arkansas today became the third state to require Medicaid recipients to work, or try to get work, to qualify for the medical benefit. 


In most states, anyone who meets certain low income eligibility requirements can qualify for Medicaid, the 50-year-old federal and state healthcare safety net program. But under a waiver for new rules in Arkansas that was approved Monday by the Trump Administration, residents in the state would have to meet an additional requirement of either working, or looking for work or attending job training for at least 80 hours a month to qualify for Medicaid.

Reuters reported Monday that Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson said Arkansas will be the first state to actually implement the requirements, though the governor didn’t say when they would go into effect.

The administration has also already approved waivers for rule changes putting new work requirements in place in Indiana, and in Kentucky, where the new rules will go into effect in July. According to Reuters, at least eight other states are considering or have already applied for waivers to add similar work requirements to the program’s eligibility rules.


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