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Amazon Launched a New Appstore Just for “Retro” Games, is Giving Away Five SNES Classics to Celebrate

Amazon is jumping in on the recent retro craze by launching an entirely new store page on its online website dedicated to all things retro games. Dubbed, Retro Zone, the new page will serve as the Amazon Appstore’s portal for retro games, while the store sells retro game accessories.

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The Retro Zone appstore features some classic SNK and Sega games. Though Amazon plays it a little loose with what constitutes as retro, as Ubisoft’s Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, The Stranger Things game, and Sega’s Sonic All-Stars Racing are also featured in the store.

SNK Characters

The rest of the store page features easy-to-find product pages for retro themed merchandise like the NES Classic (for a marked-up, third-party retail price), and other classic throwback consoles from Sega and Atari.

Meanwhile you can purchase gaming-related accessories like clothes, toys, and books (including Ready Player One).

Amazon also says that new discounts and exclusive products will be featured on the Retro Zone for various mobile games every month.

On the one hand, this feels like a way to quickly tap into the resurgent retro craze kickstarted by Nintendo’s NES Classic launch last year. Amazon has been pretty heavy-handed with promoting popular retro merchandise as part of Amazon services, including possibly diverting early shipments of the SNES Classic to its Amazon Treasure Truck promotions.

On the other hand, if you’re a fan of retro gaming, this seems like the new dedicated Amazon page for you to keep your eyes on while shopping. Amazon is even celebrating the launch of the new page by giving away five SNES Classics, so you can bet the Retro Zone will be the place to carry products like the NES Classic when it comes back into production.

Check out the Retro Zone here, or via the Amazon app on your smartphone.

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