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Amazon Continues March Toward World Domination

It was another record year for shopping on Amazon.


More than a billion items were ordered from Amazon this holiday season, giving the retailing giant its biggest holiday yet. Brilliantly, the company solidified its reach into our lives even more with many of those sales – its own Alexa-enabled devices, things like Echo Dot and Fire TV Stick were the best-selling products on Amazon by any manufacturer.

“Since Day One we have obsessed over what we believe our customers care about – incredible deals and low prices, fast and free shipping, and a wide selection of top products – and we continue to provide all three, all the time,” said Jeff Wilke, Amazon’s CEO, Worldwide Consumer.

The Echo Dot was the top-selling Amazon Device this holiday season, and the best-selling product on Amazon from any manufacturer in any category, the company said. Amazon said “millions” of Echo Dots were sold, but didn’t disclose an exact number.

People continued to welcome the Alexa robot voice into their homes this year – and Amazon can tell us a little bit about ourselves by tracking what people asked Alexa.

The company says the song people requested Alexa to play most was Jingle Bells, while the recipe most asked for was chocolate chip cookies. The drink recipes most requested were Martini and Manhattan. Amazon also said people asked Alexa to turn on their lights more than a million times this year, and in the United States, when people asked Alexa to make a phone call, the person they asked it to call most was, “Mom.”



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