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Interior of Miami High Rise Condo

For 33 Bitcoin You Can Have this Miami Condo

Bitcoin Condo: Interested in a one bedroom penthouse condo with high ceilings and a beautiful, unobstructed view of Biscayne Bay and the Miami skyline? It can be yours for just 33 Bitcoin.


The condo went on sale recently and the listing showed up a few days ago on Redfin, quoting a price of “$33” but noting below that it’s not actually dollars the seller is looking for.

“PRICE? ONLY ACCEPTING BITCOIN,” the listing says.

The NE 30 St. condo, listed by an unknown seller, is 828 square feet and is touted as being near downtown Miami. It’s a couple blocks off Biscayne Blvd. on the bay side, between the Venetian Causeway and the Julia Tuttle.

As of Wednesday, the listed Bitcoin price was the equivalent of just under $550,000.

There’s also a fitness center and an infinity pool!

Photo: Redfin


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