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Companies Vying for Right to Provide CBD Oil in Virginia

Cannabis Stock Photo

Four decades after Virginia legalized medical marijuana in a pioneering but ultimately unworkable way, dozens of companies are vying for the state’s permission to grow cannabis and make a medicinal oil out of the otherwise outlawed weed. Under emergency legislation passed early this year, Virginia will grant up to five …

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Cities and States Shell Out Big Trying to Lure Amazon

Amazon HQ

In the race to win Amazon’s second headquarters, states and localities have revealed just how far they are willing to go to win the online retailer’s business. And it may be resulting in bigger-than-necessary payouts to Amazon. According to the latest data available from Good Jobs First, which tracks tax …

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An Incredibly Important, and Smart, Life-Saving Start-Up in Syria

Soukhoi Jet Firing Missile Over Syria

The Bashar al-Assad regime’s indiscriminate air strikes have terrorized civilians for years. Now a small band of activist-entrepreneurs is building a sensor network that listens for warplanes and warns people by alert on social media or through sirens or broadcast alerts, warning them about when and where the bombs will …

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