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Rutgers, Quest Diagnostics To Build New Sports Science Lab

Quest Diagnostics is partnering with Rutgers University on a sports science laboratory.

Jen Booton | Sports Techie

The Quest Diagnostics Sports Science Laboratory at the Rutgers Center for Health & Human Performance in New Brunswick, N.J. will research and develop new innovations that combine Rutgers’ human athletic performance and recovery research with Quest Diagnostic’s technology from Blueprint for Athletes, its biometric testing service for competitive and professional athletes.

The goal of the newly formed collaboration, which is an extension of a relationship the two have had for the past few years, will be to accelerate understanding of how diagnostic information can aid in an athlete’s health and performance.

Their first research projects will focus on blood-based biomarkers, which are measurable substances in organisms used regularly in clinical trials, such as vitamin D, creatine and glucose that influence protein synthesis, energy levels and wellness. They’ll also look at new point-of-care micro-sampling technologies and determine how they might expand hormone analysis.

Researchers will focus on how changes in biomarker levels are associated with training load and performance-related variables, such as movement mechanics, endurance, power, and body composition. They’ll also look at the correlation between the biomarkers in the Blueprint for Athletes test service compared with the performance, metabolism, nutrition, and bone density of competitive male triathletes.

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