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No Drone Zone PSA

FAA: Super Bowl is a No Drone Zone

There will likely be heavy focus on playing well in the red zone. There maybe some zone coverage on defense. And obviously the Eagles and Pats will want to get into the end zone. But at Super Bowl LII, there will be no Drone Zone.

David Royse | LedeTree

The Federal Aviation Administration sent out a reminder on Thursday telling drone fliers that temporary flight restrictions will prevent the use of drones anywhere near U.S. Bank Stadium all afternoon and evening on Sunday, while the Patriots and Eagles are playing in the Super Bowl.

The notice  carves out a 30-mile radius no-fly zone below 18,000 feet for all kinds of non-commercial aircraft.

The temporary flight restrictions this year are for security reasons, not to protect “the product.” Drones wouldn’t be able to be used to photograph the game this year, or used by a team to cheat, because it’s being played inside. In previous years, with outdoor Super Bowls, officials had to be more concerned about people actually flying drones over the game itself.

It’s not just drones that are grounded. Also prohibited in the no-fly zone around U.S. Bank Stadium are the planes pulling advertising banners, any sight-seeing planes, pilots out practicing their flying, hang-gliding, skydiving and hot-air ballooning.

The restrictions aren’t new – the FAA has created “no drone zones” around stadiums on Super Bowl Sunday in each of the last several years.

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